"I was always abit skeptical when it came to having a personal trainer as I had no idea what to expect. But hiring Cassie as my trainer has been one of if not the best thing I have done for my health and wellbeing. My fitness has improved a bunch in a very short time! Cassie is very knowledgeable and patient, I highly recommend Cassie as your trainer."

- Ryan Parker

"Cassie is a great PT, very motivational and an expert in her field. I love going to her sessions as she takes the time to explain how to do every exercise properly and how you can ensure you do it properly when your at the gym by yourself. 
The circuits she provides are very challenging, interesting and fun.

Highly recommend it!"

- Adam Driver

"I sought Cassie's assistance with ayurvedic massage. I spend 8-10 hours on a cycle and few hours running in a week. With my legs not really feeling 100% all the time, I wanted to see if massage can help. Cassie's ayurvedic massage technique is excellent. She was able to identify issues with my lower legs (especially the painful knots that I ignore constantly). I have felt a noticeable difference in my recovery time and the feeling of 'heavy legs' have relatively diminished. I therefore highly recommend Cassie! Cheers"

- Jayshil Parmar

"After going to spectate a fitness competition in march, I watched Cassie on stage. After deciding to enter a competition i contacted Cassie.
Cassie tweaked my exercises program and changed my diet. After only 10 weeks prep I was on stage. Cassie was very helpful in getting me stage ready, she attended the competition which helped calm some nerves. Thank you for everything you did Cassie - @iluka_fitness"

- Michelle Rusiecki

"Cassie has be expertly training me for a few months now and with great results. I recently booked in for a massage with Cassie and was totally satisfied. I've been to numerous therapists in the past and Cassie is amongst the very best. Thoroughly enjoyed her unique massage style. I will definitely be booking in more. Highest recommendation."

- Mark Southcott

"The first Body Balance class I ever attended was led by Cassie. Even though I had practiced yoga before, I had never done Tai Chi or Pilates and was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do the moves or that I would be 'left behind' the rest of the class. But Cassie made me feel very comfortable and explained everything extremely clearly and I easily managed to follow along with the entire class and never got lost. 
Cassie lives and breathes health & fitness - she integrates healthy practices in to everything she does and is constantly updating her training and knowledge in these areas. I would highly recommend anyone passionate about health and fitness to work with Cass as she is very bright, knowledgable, professional and easy to get along with."

- Natasha Mraz

"Awesome fitness instructor! First time I ever used a personal trainer and I enjoyed the personal touch she had and she was a lot more helpful and friendly than I had expected from a PT."

- Michael Foenander

"Cassie was amazing, just had a massage and she was able to address and manage my pain points. 
I would highly recommend her for a massage! "

- Kylie Ann

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