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The best in Natural, Organic Vegan-friendly Sports Nutrition Supplements for Athletes and the everyday Joe.

Protein Powders, Mass gainers, Greens powders, Pre & Intra Workout drinks, protein bars.

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Elite Athlete Pro Glass Shaker Bottles


Protein Glass Shaker bottle and mixer ball

Top of the line, Pro Glass Shakers. Zero Plastic, Zero Chemicals, Zero Odor, Zero Leak, Zero Lumps. Australia first Borosilicate Pre, Intra, Post Workout Shaker/Water bottle.

New Protein Shaker bottle on sale with shaker ball and mixer for any use and perfect for fitness sport and gym

The days of toxic, smelly, leaking and frequent purchases of plastic protein shakers are over!

The Pro Glass Shaker is the most advanced sports supplement bottle on the market today helping you to produce the smoothest drink with minimal effort.

Use Code CASSIE at checkout for a 10% discount!

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