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A 5-6 Day Full Body Weights Program for Home or the Gym (with an optional Day 6) - to help you stick to a solid full-body routine to keep you toned and strong and begin  your journey to sculpt your ideal physique. 

You will need access to dumbells, barbells, kettlebells, and/or  resistance bands. Any of these can be substituted for the equipment that you do have - the bare minimum required is dumbells (or some form of hand weights). 

Please follow this program for 4 Weeks minimum in order to see results and progress with your strength, gradually increasing your sets, reps, and/or weights over the time. 


Download the FREE Training Diary sheet to keep track of your weights, reps and sets each week. 


After you have completed this program, email me at to request Program #2. 


If you have any questions please email for support.

If you are seeking personalised coaching & accountability, please also contact Cassie for a free consult for online coaching. 



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